Count Dracula

In action
Count Dracula

COUNT DRACULA was built in 1913 as an admiral’s barge for the in the Imperial German Navy. Admiral von Hipper who took her to every ship he sailed in. He used her when he left the LUTZOW, just before she sank in the battle of Jutland in 1916, to transfer to the battleship MOELTKE. She was with the Grand Battle Cruiser HINDENBERG when the German fleet surrendered. When the fleet was scuppered at Scapa Flow, and the HINDENBERG sank, she floated free and was salvaged by the Royal Navy.

A private yacht after the War, she was requisitioned in 1940 for Operation Dynamo and took part in the evacuation of British and Belgian troops at Dunkirk.


Where is she now?

 COUNT DRACULA is currently undergoing restoration.